It's Simple Really

Grant's facebook status put it best.  "simple pleasures. very simple some days." "like choking someone?" "yes. like choking someone. that would be a simple pleasure." Every single thing is pissing me the fuck off today.  I want people to go fuck themselves and leave me alone.  Wish the world would blow up or something.

I am beside myself in irritation.  Moving. Childbirth.  Healthcare.  Money. Utter bullshit.  I want to close my eyes and make the world just go away.  I would just love to go to Tibet or something and lock myself away in some sort of monastery to spend the rest of my days in quiet contemplation of the universe.  Vow of silence. Just give me satellite internet and I'm golden. 

Kicked the cat today.  Yelled at Serenity.  I said I was sorry to both.  Hope she understood.  I'm pretty sure the cat didn't, but he'll get over it.  Fuck, even online people are pissing me off.  Enablers.  Enablers of enablers.  Horny asshats.  Needy ones at that.  Social hauntings.  God people suck.  Why do I need social interaction? I end up hating it every time.  

You know... the world in my head is SO much more interesting...


The Realities said...

I think we would all be much happier if you did move to a monastery. Your attempts to be broody and interesting are not working. Bye.

What? You were being hyperbolic? Why tease us like that? Asshole.

Synesthesia said...

dear dave

nice try again to cut me down anonymously. it might have bothered me a few months ago, but now that i've said my peace and you've made it clear that letting go isn't your style, i'm moving on. somehow i doubt you just stumbled upon this blog, and you had to look for it through a few other links like facebook.

this blog is for me. i don't use it as a weapon, i don't care who reads it, and if you have a comment, good for you. however, you comment is irrelevant, as you have made your point that i am irrelevant to you.

if you want to troll, then go do it to someone who cares.

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