You Can't Make Me... Dammit...

I hate traditional holidays.  I don't celebrate them because they have no meaning to me.  They are terribly biased in a Christian manner, and as I am NOT a Christian, I don't see any point in partaking other than a social nicety, which I am less and less inclined to indulge in lately.  Especially holidays that are a total rip-off of what my religion celebrates.  Namely the spring equinox Oestara.  Don't get me started on Yule.  

And yet I drag myself through the torture every year of seeing my pretentious aunts and uncles and listen to them talk about how cool they are, how much money they make and how republican bent their ideals are.  It's all I can do not to knock someone across the face over dinner. (You SUPPORT fracking?!!) But Serenity gets presents.  I do it for her sake I guess.  Gods know why I did it before... ... oh yeah, to spite my father.  Kind of like saying "Haha, I'm just as much an outcast as you, but I get to attend family functions! IN UR FAIS!"  Not even that really holds weight anymore.  I'm too tired to hate him anymore, so I just shrugged and forgave him.  Not worth it, just not worth it at all. 

It's almost like giving up and giving in.  I don't want to fight with them about not going or depriving them time with my daughter (MINE, not YOURS), so I just go.  I'm too tired, too depressed and too annoyed to put up any resistance.  Fuck em.


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